Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh the scale's crazy weighs.

This morning the scale read 198.7, which is definitely closer to what my real weight should be. It's amazing how much one day of good eating and exercise can do to help out a bloated, overfed girl. Now to keep it moving in that direction. (:

Not sure if I'm going to make it to the gym today, but don't worry -- I'll be doing a lot of moving anyway! Here's my to-do

[x] yoga
[x] pick up birth control

[x] cash check
[x] return dress to Old Navy

[x] clean bathtub/toilet/sink
[x] put up all clean laundry
[ ] do dirty laundry
[x] do the dishes

[x] take out the trash/recycling
[ ] dust everyyyythiiiing!
[x] make up extra bed for Taylor

All before my boobear gets here with his friend around 7 for the show we're going to tonight. I'm really excited, because it's our mutual friend from home that's going on tour. His second stop happened to be Asheville! It should be a lot of fun. :D Plus, it's always nice to see my love. ♥

Sidenote: That's us, in the picture. He's from my hometown, but he's moving here in less than two months! I'd have to devote a whole entry to our story to say it all, but short & sweet -- here's my baby. (:

edit, 11:07 AM: I was running ten minutes late to class, so I was literally running up all the stairs... only to find out it had been canceled. Ugh! haha Oh well, now I'll just be able to do a yoga video and have more time to clean and all that jazz.

edit, 5:02 PM: I just bought an outfit that I neverr thought I could pull off! I've always loved the look of high waisted skirts, and I finally got the courage up to try one on, and whattayaknow -- it's adorable! :D

eat it!
10:30 AM: sweet & salty nut bar
12:30 PM: multigrain wrap with turkey and cheddar, all natural white cheddar puffs
5:30 PM: subway melt, baked lays

move it!
20 minute yoga workout


  1. Haaay girl :) love your new blog layout!

  2. Cute outfit! You look so happy!

    I love to hear people's "stories" so you should post it someday!

  3. you converted me to blogger! and you were absolutely right, this site is so much better :]