Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My second pedicure ever.

I just got home from getting a pedicure. My legs feel like jelly. It was beautiful. I also exchanged the shirt I got from Old Navy yesterday for a smaller size. (: (: (: (:

I've been so tired lately, but have failed to nap or catch up on sleep. My final is tomorrow, I have one more night of work, then I'm home for my birthday! I'm going to be busy there too, but at least it's all in fun. Put a $100 check in my bank account today from my aunt. She's such a good gift giver. ;D

I don't have much to say at all. I guess that's why I'm so late with blogging today. Tonight/tomorrow will consist of working, studying, sleeping, taking my final, and then freakin' NAPPING. Or at least I hope so. Hope everyone else is doing well! Sorry I suck today. ♥

I am beyond ready to be home with my baby. (:


  1. I love pedicures! I was actually thinking about one earlier, I really want one ha. I'm so jealous your class is almost over.. mine is halfway. Still have 4 more weeks!

    Well, hope the next couple of days fly by so you can get home to celebrate your birthday!! woo :)

  2. Have fun planning out your birthday after you take your final :)
    And i love the feeling of getting to change the size of shirts and pants too :)

  3. pedicures are the best! good luck with your final, and have a great birthday!!

  4. Pedicures are so nice! I really need to get one, too.

    Have a great birthday and a great last couple of days of school!