Monday, June 28, 2010

I got this!

The weight is just falling off of me. The scale told me I was 193.6 this morning. And I always have to get on and off a couple time to make sure it isn't foolin' me. I can surely make it to 190 by the 4th now! I got this! (:

I'm about to do my homework before class, then possibly swimming afterward with Heidi. But, I might go shopping. There are a few things I need to find before I go home next weekend. Then again, my sinuses are killing me... so, I might require a nap before work. We'll just see how I feel. Hope everyone has a great day!

edit, 2:22 PM -- Sinus headache is still raging on, despite the medicine. I did about 30 minutes walking around, trying to find a dress for my birthday. Fail. So, I'm about to go back out to the mall and try to find something. Then work from 5-10, so I'll get a lot more walking done there. I'm just not feeling the gym today with this sinus pressure. I'll aim for an hour of cardio again tomorrow!

Oh!Exciting news! Barbara @ My Journey to Healthy Living gave me a Beautiful Blogger Award!! So, that's what tomorrow's post will be all about. :D

I love my new camera and my yogi tea's wisdom. (:

eat it!
9:45 AM: fruit salad, green tea with triple echinacea, honey
during class: dried fruit
12:35 PM: sweet & salty nut bar
1:00 PM: firehouse subs
4:00 PM: chocolate elvis from planet smoothie

move it!
walking, walking, walking


  1. Oh wow, congrats. I'm glad the weight is at least "falling off" someone.. lol.
    I'm not sure if my slight gain is from my period or what. let's hope it's that haha :)

  2. Congrats on the great weight loss!
    Take care of yourself and get some rest.
    BTW, I just gave you an award on my blog post today. Go check it out.

  3. WOOP WOOP!!!! AWESOME!!! you are getting to your goal fast! dont fall off the wagon now, keep it up and dont give up. <3

  4. wow!!! great results! that really is terrible about your headaches though. i am a huge baby. i wouldnt be able to handle it!

  5. I told you that the weight would fall right off of you again!
    And get that hour of cardio tomorrow, you can totally do it!

  6. Good, I'm glad you're doing well! Minus all the sinus pressure. That's no fun. :(
    Hope it feels better soon.

    (PS. This is enchantedthoughts from xanga, in case you didn't know/realizee. :D)

  7. Congrats on the loss, keep up the good work :]

    When I first saw this post I thought that you had just grabbed that picture from a website or something but then I read about your camera, awesome picture! [and those tea bags are genius]