Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movin' on down!

Three days ago the scale read 198.7.

Today, the scale read 195.5.

I've made it a personal [maybe crazy] goal to try to be 190 by my birthday. My birthday is July 4th, by the way. So, that gives me exactly a week. Dang, I just realized how close it is! hahaha Why 190? Because I made a new rule that I can only buy new clothes at the 10 pound marks. 190, 180, 170, 160, you get it. haha And I really want a new birthday outfit! So, here's to a week of being really good and hoping for the best. Do you guys think I can do it!?

I'm going to Atlanta Bread Company today with Neely. We never get to hang out anymore, so I'm excited to see her. I'll get the usual: half a caesar salad with half a turkey sandwich on the most delicious whole grain bread I've ever eaten. Mmmm!!

I absolutely dread Sundays. 8 hours is just way too long at my job. [Which is K-Mart, by the way!] Seriously, it can only take so long to straighten my entire section. -_-
I hope everybody else has a wonderful day!

edit, 1:15 PM - I always forget that the Y near my house is closed on Sundays. D: So, I just went down the road to Beaver Lake and walked my butt off around that. I need to bring my camera next time to show you guys what it's like. I really enjoyed it -- worked up a nice sweat, got some sun and fresh air. (: Definitely going to be getting out of the gym and into the sun more often!

eat it!
9:15 AM:
slice of cheddar cheese, cinnamon applesauce
10:55 AM: sweet & salty nut bar
12:15 PM: 1/2 turkey sandwich on 9 grain bread, 1/2 caesar salad, 1/2 a cup of fruit salad
6:00 PM: lean cuisine 4 cheese pizza, 4 squares of chocolate

move it!
35 minute power walk around Beaver Lake
walked 3.077 miles at work


  1. Dang that is awesome girl! Congratulations! Good luck getting to your goal for your birthday! If you really work at it I am sure you can achieve it!


  2. Girl! I know you can definitely get down to that by your birthday as long as you stay on track all week, which I fully believe you can do. We'll stay on track together. Mkay?

  3. And, you're going to Atlanta Bread Co today? not fair. not fair.

    I totally believe you can reach 190 by your birthday. You just have to work extra hard. But, it is possible! :)

    But, YES. 8 hours IS way too long! good luck.. to the BOTH of us lol

  4. you got this in the bag! having a birthday on the fourth of july must be fun, i mean come one, you have a sky full of fireworks for you! you're twenty-first birthday is gonna be insaneee haha

  5. You can totally hit 190 by your birthday!
    Wat can help is cutting down whats on your plate. For example: You have 2 peices of chicken a big lump of potatoes, and a good amount of salad. then put back 1/2 of what you have, or put it onto another plate for later.
    Im rooting for you!

  6. Yes, your luck of only having to work one 8-hour shift is good. so jealous.