Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm bad at these title things.

Why am I up so early? I couldn't fall asleep til past 2:00 AM and here I am, up and fed before 9:00 AM. Don't be fooled -- I'm sleepy, my body just won't let me go back to sleep. So, I'm going to blog. Read the amazing adventures of dietgirl. Go to the gym. Declare my major! [exciting!] Then work from 5-10. Oh, yeah. And insert cooking and eating lots of healthy foods between those activities. (:

I'm feeling like weighing myself is a bad idea, for a few days anyway. After all, it took me a few days to gain those pounds... I should give myself a few days to lose it.

I know I posted this picture yesterday, but then I messed with it on picnik and felt it was worthy of reposting... just because I am head over heels in love with this guy. 37 more days until he moves up here!!! ♥

eat it!
8:30 AM: 2 low fat Nutri-grain waffles sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar free syrup, watermelon
9:35 AM: yoplait light
12:00 PM: 1/2 caesar salad, 1/2 turkey sandwich on 9 grain bread
4:00 PM: smart ones mini cheeseburger
10:30 PM: Jimmy John's =\


  1. I hear ya. I went to bed around 2am, woke up at 8am, and then forced myself to go back to sleep till 9:30. why can't we sleep? not fair.

    I love love love that picture of you two. It's just so darn adorable :)
    Yay for those waffles. don't you just love them? I mean, 140 calories for 2 waffles. that's like .. magic! ha

  2. I also went to sleep at around 2, but unlike you guys I didn't wake up until 12. Kinda wish I woke up early though, I always feel like I've wasted the day when I wake up late.

    Anywayyy, so glad to hear you had an awesome birthday with your friends and your boy. Your tie-dye dress looks amazing and that picture is absolutely ADORABLE! [p.s. doesn't Taylor have the best food ideas?! I got those waffles too haha]