Thursday, July 29, 2010

A downward spiral... (on my way back up)

I'm just going to be straight up. I got in a fight with my mom the last day I was home with Jeremy. It led to a lot of crying, and then when I was alone... binging. I'm not going to bother bitching about how mean my mommy has been to me my whole life, I'm just going to move on and get back to being healthier. Just because she treats me with no respect, doesn't mean I have to lose all respect for myself, too. I deserve to eat well and be healthy. So, that's what I'm going to do.

I'm so ready for school to start back up and give me a routine again. This weekend is the last trip I'll have, though, then Jeremy is moving up here as soon as we get back. I haven't been to the beach in over 3 years, so I'm reeeeally excited! Admittedly more excited about him moving, though. 8D

Also, while I was gone, I got another blog award. (:

Thanks so much to Emily @ Fat Girl to Thin for giving this to me!

Now, on to seven more things about me. This is getting hard...

1) I'm a junior at UNC-Asheville. I'm majoring in Psychology to eventually become a rehabilitation psychologist. I'm really passionate about this, too, because my cousin (he's a year younger than me and we'd become best friends in the years before this happened) spent 10 months of his life in rehab.
2) I've been dying my hair the darkest shade of brown (basically black) for almost 5 years now. I'll go red for a few months, but I always go back to black. (:
3) I have told two people in my life about this blog. I haven't let them see it, and they both live far away from me. Jeremy doesn't know I have it, nobody else knows. I think it's just something I want to have for me.
4) I work at K-Mart! hahaha Which, I regularly refer to as "K-Fart." I work on the floor, straightening clothes and whatnot. It gets old, things get on my nerves, but it's not the worst job I've ever had.
5) I've never had a tan! I have millions of freckles and I've been burned to many times to count... but, it's never resulted in a tan.
6) I was a virgin until I started dating Jeremy last year. This may seem weird to put on here, but it's rare to find a 19 year old virgin nowadays. He's the only person I've ever felt comfortable enough around to even let touch my stomach -- much less see it in all it's stretch marked glory.
7) I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET INTO THE 180s!!! I know I've probably pushed myself back into the high 190s, what with drying my tears with cheeseburgers for a couple days... but, I haven't been in the 180s since middle school. And that was short lived. So, I'm ready.

I feel like I might have already told you guys about some of those things, but I honestly can't remember. Here are 15 blogs that I'll pass this on to...

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I'll end this with a picture from the weekend. (:


  1. (this is anna from xanga btw. i hope you know!)

    I totally agree about your mom. My dad is exactly the same way, and he always makes me feel so bad, but I'm trying to finally put a stop to it.

    I'm so excited for school to start too! I got my roommates and housing assignment today.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but you have such a positive outlook about the whole situation and it's so true and helpful to actually cope with my mother issues. You two like mighty beautiful in your picture. :) Haha, thanks for letting me know. I was trying to look for it and thought I was just being completely ignorant because I couldn't find it.

  3. I'm 19 and a virgin.. no hurry though ha. But, you're right.. hard to find those nowadays lol.

    Although my summer class just ended, it will be nice when fall semester begins. I'm ready for a routine.. classes to start & stay busy.
    Good luck

  4. thanks for the award, sarah! :)))))))))!

  5. Aww, yay! Thanks for the award!

  6. That picture is so cute!
    Sorry about the family issues, but I hope it all stays well for you. :) I'm ready for school to start as well. I miss having a routine and I miss the mountains. Haha.

    Congrats on the award. :)

  7. Awww thanks!! I can't wait to pass it on!

  8. Thanks for this post. You said it all with your words that will help others, including me - Just because she treats me with no respect, doesn't mean I have to lose all respect for myself, too. I deserve to eat well and be healthy.

  9. Would love to have you join for my Try It Tuesday post..please share with your blog readers as well. You can get the link for it and the button on my page on the right hand side! Thanks so helping me make this a success :)

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  11. where are ya, girl? do you still read blogs?
    i want to invite you to follow my new blog: dimplesnatcherblog.com

    i hope all is well, hun!