Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another award! And a challenge!

Dove @ light.dove nominated me for this award:

Thanks, Dove!! (: And, here are 5 Likes/Dislikes of mine:

1) Affection -- I love to give gifts, make gifts, give hugs and kisses, all that. I'm definitely a lover. I can hardly keep my hands off Jeremy. (:
2) Alone time -- I love spending time with my friends, but I also really enjoy shopping and doing errands by myself. It's peaceful!
3) Books -- They take me to a different place, ya know? They can also hit home in a way that nothing else can and teach me things I didn't expect to learn. I love them.
4) Movies -- I'm always in the mood for a good thriller/horror movie, but any kind is great! Especially in a movie theater. Something about it just makes my night!
5) Dark chocolate -- A notsoguilty pleasure of mine. Mmm!

1) Ignorance -- Whether it's racism, sexism, gay bashing, whatever. I can not stand it. I live in the South and, I have to admit, there are more ignorant people than I'd like to deal with. It's hard for me to imagine having such a closed mind, and it really gets to me to say the least.
2) BUGS -- Ewww, they make me shudder!
3) Traffic -- Can't stand it! Maybe it's because I was in a bad wreck and all the other drivers make me nervous, but it puts me on edge.
4) Weird textures -- Mostly with food, I can't stand weird textures. haha Like mushrooms! Blech.
5) Losing things -- I definitely do this too much. I once lost two packs of birth control in a row. WHO DOES THAT!? How does that even happen!? Most of the time whatever I lost shows back up, but sometimes it doesn't. And it drives me crazy.

Next topic of discussion: I'm starting the PEWC -- The Positive Effect Water Challenge. (:

So, here's to guzzling as much water as I can stand! I can't wait to see how much better it makes me feel.

eat it!
11:00 AM: 2 fat free Nutrigrain waffles with sugar free syrup, yoplait light
1:15 PM: Fit & Active vegetable beef soup, sandwich thin with fat free cheddar, all natural fruit strip
2:40 PM: 1/2 baked potato with cheddar
6:00 PM: turkey rustica sandwich, baked chips, pickle spear

drink it! [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]


  1. sounds like a good idea (the PEWC). I'm going to try that as well. I really have been lacking on my water intake lately.

  2. Giiiirl this one is so so so different !!! Aaaah. I try not to tell anyone about him because they say the same thing as you, just another one.. but he's different, I promise. Good luck with the challenge!